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Remember that awesome weekend in December where we celebrated that ship we love? WELL ITS COMING BACK BABY. sirdef is at it again and is organizing another SteveTony Fest WOOHOO!! It’s being held on the weekend of *June 14th-16th*. And the best part? A WHOLE WEEKEND OF STEVE AND TONY BEING SUPERHUSBANDS AND STUFF YEY. So if you’re a MCU fan, a 616 fan, an Ultimates fan (hey that’s me), or a whatever fan, please feel free to drop by these tags: #Stony, #Stevetony, and #Superhusbands as well as #Stevetonyfest and #Stac and help make it a fun weekend. Remember, this is a LOVE weekend, not a HATE weekend, so spread your SteveTony love and get the message out there alright?

Also Def is having a SteveTony girft exchange HOW COOL IS THAT?!?! The rules are found here and make sure if you want to participate, because I sure am,  reblog her post by June 1st!!

[art cred ~kgc030, ~scarlett-pants, pixie_rings, and xeora]

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